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NCRC - LA Membership Application

Annual Membership fee:  $25.00 per member per year.


Membership  Benefit: The National Caribbean Republican Council (NCRC) membership fee  will provide a variety of services for active members. This fee will help the organization to keep you inform of all political activities around the country and it also helps to provide the following services.

* Access to civics education as needed for new members and help maintaining our communication accessibilities


* Maintenance of our Washington DC headquarter with professional staff members

* Monthly Newsletter

* Keep you update on political briefings.

* Legislative Advocacy

* Grassroot training

* Workshop to recruitment new members

* Get involved  training

* Access to our annual retreat

* Informative trips to meet our political representatives

* Administrative access and maintenance of our website





The mission of the National Caribbean Republican Council and Leadership Association (NCRCLA) is an educational and economic development organization that promotes social welfare for the Caribbean Republican Diaspora in the United States and the Caribbean Republican Overseas/ Abroad.


Our goal is to be the resource center for the Caribbean communities in the United States regardless of what Island one came from. Besides education, part of our mission is to promote the core values of the Republican party which encourage freedom and prosperity, access to quality education, religious freedom, strong family values and their cultural heritages, finally equal access and opportunities for all.  


Our primary focus is to empower Caribbean American via education and economic advancement so they can become proud American citizen who can perform their civic duties for this country and be an agent of change where ever they are in the United States by participating at the City, State and Federal level of our government.


To achieve our goal, the National Caribbean Republican Council and Leadership Association will establish a chapter in every State including Guam and Puerto Rico as well as an International relations department for retired overseas Caribbean across the Globe. One of our organization’s goals is to change the discourse of public debate via:


* Constituent’s civic leadership training       

* Business Educational workshops and seminars on

* Educational Academic Partnership

* Ground game Community organizing/ promoting community leaders

* Research and Development

* Political Campaign Leadership training

* Community Data gathering on issues

* Social service Program Development for disabled constituents

* Small business development programs

* Financial literacy

* Economic Development program initiatives to build wealth for Caribbean Americans

* Promoting the Civil Right Act of 1964

* Citizen Advocacy


To successfully achieve our goals our organization need the support and the participation of every American regardless of your background creed, sex, the color of origin if you share our core values and beliefs. We welcome assistance from anyone who wants to share their leadership skills and talents to better our organization.  Our Motto is to educate, Empower and Lead.

Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact Your Community!


To host a house party or a community event please email us your contact information at

Thanks! Message sent.


NCRC-LA is inviting you to become a volunteer.  We are looking for community leaders. Students, activists, and parents from voting age to share their skills and knowledge in helping in every area of  the organization in every state.


The following volunteer positions are available. If you are interested to apply, please email your resume to NCRC-LA welcomes everyone regardless of his or her gender, background, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Please let us know how you can help us to help others.


State Directors

Social Media Director

Fundraiser and Donor Relations

Special Event Planner/Coordinator

Public Relations Director

College Campus Representatives

High School Seniors Representative


If you are interested to apply for any position,  please visit and become a member. Your participation is necessary and we want to hear from you now. Send us your resume to

Your contributions to NCRC  is helping us achieving our goal As you know  to our mission is to organize, educate and empower Caribbean  Republicans and conservatives men and women so they can become an asset for the party and the United States of America.

Thank you for your donations .

Join the NCRC-LA Campaign

Our contact:   202 -258- 1641

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